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 Physics Study Lounge
These study sheets are for quick review on the subjects. Refer to our rapid courses for comprehensive review.
    - Basic Skills in Physics
    - Basic Math for Physics
    - How to Solve Physics Problems
    - Newton's Laws Study Guide
    - ElectroMagnetism Quick Review
    - Atomic Physics At-A-Glance
    - Core Concepts in Nuclear Physics
    - Special Relativity Overview

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For each Rapid LEARNING COURSE, you will get:

  1. 24x Core Concept Tutorials (Web-based Flash Movies): Each topic is introduced and explained with related concept maps, concept illustration and animation, concept application with problem-solving examples
  2. 24x Problem-Solving Drills (Web-based Flash Games): Each problem set, similar to your homework and exams, provides you the practice drills on how to use what you learn from the core concept tutorials and relate them in solving problems.
  3. 24x Super Review Cheatsheets (Single-sheet Printables): Each cheatsheet is an 8.5x11 dual-column sheet with key concepts and terms that you should know on the chapter for the exam.


  1. 12-Month Unlimited Access: You can study the course(s) anytime anywhere for one year.
  2. Super-condensed Biology Master Cheatsheet – The entire physics course’s core concepts and key terms in a six-page quick study sheet (printable and laminatable)


  1. Premium Edition (Expert Narrated) - The best rapid learning experience with audio/video multimedia, improved content and enhanced visualization, plus bonus 24x printable tutorals. Online access. $6 per chapter. Life-time unlimited usage with Gold CD shipped to you physically.
  2. Basic Edition (Visual-Only) - The visual tutorials without voice over. $4 per chapter. 12 months online access.
  3. Lite Edition (MP3 for iPod) - The audio tutorials with 24x printables. MP3 lecture series for learning on the go with your MP3 player (in car, walk or multi-tasking). $2 per chapter. No expiration date.

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Code Course Title Buy Link
RL101 Teach Yourself High School Chemistry Visually in 24 Hours Buy Now
RL102 Teach Yourself AP Chemistry Visually in 24 Hours Buy Now
RL103 Teach Yourself College Chemistry Visually in 24 Hours Buy Now
RL104 Teach Yourself Organic Chemistry Visually in 24 Hours Buy Now
RL105 Teach Yourself Biochemistry Visually in 24 Hours Buy Now
RL106 Teach Yourself SAT Chemistry Visually in 24 Hours Buy Now
RL107 Learn to Teach Chemistry Visually in 24 Hours Buy Now
RL201 Teach Yourself College Biology Visually in 24 Hours Buy Now
RL202 Teach Yourself High School Biology Visually in 24 Hours Buy Now
RL203 Teach Yourself Microbiology Visually in 24 Hours Buy Now
RL204 Teach Yourself Anatomy and Physiology Visually in 24 Hours Buy Now
RL205 Teach Yourself Genetics Visually in 24 Hours Buy Now
RL301 Teach Yourself College Physics (Algebra) Visually in 24 Hours Buy Now
RL302 Teach Yourself High School Physics Visually in 24 Hours
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RL303 Teach Yourself Calculus-Based Physics Visually in 24 Hours Buy Now
RL401 Teach Yourself High School Algebra 2 Visually in 24 Hours Buy Now
RL402 Teach Yourself Trigonometry Visually in 24 Hours Buy Now
RL403 Teach Yourself Precalculus Visually in 24 Hours Buy Now
RL404 Teach Yourself College Algebra Visually in 24 Hours Buy Now
RL405 Teach Yourself Calculus Visually in 24 Hours Buy Now
RL406 Teach Yourself Introductory Statistics Visually in 24 Hours Buy Now

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